5 Best Modern Wash Basin With Cabinet In India

These days, most people prefer a modern wash basin with cabinet. These washbasins with cabinet sets can make your dull bathroom look brand new with their modern and stylish appearance. Sinks, wood, taps, etc., are used to prepare the whole set to determine the price of washbasins with cabinets in India.

Many types, colors, and styles of cabinets and wash bins sets are available. Depending on the type, some washbasins are only cabinets, whereas others include washbasins with cabinets attached or come with an attached mirror or tap.

According to the features and quality of the product, the price of the entire product will vary. Check out this buying guide to help you choose the right washbasin, whether you are buying a new one or replacing an older one.

Our review will include specifications of some of India’s best bathroom vanities and sinks. By following this guide, you will find the most suitable washbasin for your bathroom with or without a cabinet. Here we go.

different kinds of Wash Basin With Cabinet

These cabinets usually consist of drawers and shutters and are usually built beneath the washbasin counter.

The cabinet is installed above the sink in cases where the washbasin has a pedestal sink. The cabinet typically comes with a mirror at the front and a depth of 6 to 8 inches, enough to store toiletries and bathroom essentials.

As well as standalone cabinets, washbasins with cabinets can be installed as floor or wall cabinets.

The basic criteria for selecting the materials for Wash basin cabinets

Moisture is prevalent in washbasin. This should be addressed through moisture-resistant cabinet materials.

Furthermore, the materials used to build the washbasin cabinets should be strong enough to support stone countertops such as marble, granite, or quartz.

best material for Wash basin with cabinets

The basic framework of the cabinet should be constructed from waterproof plywood. Due to its stability and high moisture resistance.

Materials such as MDF (medium density fibre) should be avoided. They are susceptible to moisture damage.

Solid wood is preferred by some homeowners, but it cannot be used for cabinets because it expands and contracts when humid and wet.

Here are the list of Modern wash basin with cabinet mentioned below:

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FUAO INTERIO Modular Hdhmr Water & Termite Resistance

Your bathroom will look better with a washbasin. These pieces all enhance your style and are very useful at the same time. There is a subtle color difference, and the finish is pleasing to the eye. For a very long time, the board has stayed fresh and eye-catching. Solid wood has many properties that make it long-lasting.

For one thing, it can resist moisture and endure rough treatment. This furniture can easily be moved from one place to another due to its freestanding structure. The broad platform and drawers make it convenient to store numerous items you often use.

What is in the box1 cabinet 1 washbasin 1 Mirror and 1 Front shelf
Mounting TypeFloor Mounted
Product Dimensions60D x 45W x 80H Centimeters

JINDARG Modular Hdhmr Water & Termite Resistance

Vanity was made from the highest grade of HDHMR wood. Because HDHMR is resistant to water, fungus, and bacteria, it is ideal for bathroom cabinets. We only use stainless steel hinges that are heavy-duty and of the highest quality.

Featuring a single faucet hole, the washbasin is made of high-quality porcelain and maintenance-free. Keeping the room or bathroom tidy and clean is made easier with a door with shelves.

What is in the box1 Cabinet 1 Washbasin 1 Mirror 1 Shelf
ColourWooden Grains
Product Dimensions45D x 60W x 80H Centimeters

Montage Vanity wash Basin Sink Cabinet

HDHMR high-density water-resistant board is used to create this product. The wooden washbasin vanity is a new modular product for washbasin areas in bathrooms. HDHMR is a sturdy rigid material with a high density and moisture resistance to create water-resistant products.

There are two shiny gloss-finished doors on the shelves: bathrooms and other storage areas and comes with High quality Ceramic wash basin.

What is in the box1 Wooden wash basin cabinet 1 Ceramic wash basin 4 Stainless steel legs 2 knob door handles
Mounting TypeFloor Mount
Product Dimensions45D x 58W x 79H Centimeters

Dazzle Kitchen BWR Plywood Vanity Washbasin Cabinet 

Bathrooms and lobbies can benefit from vanity cabinets as a simple solution for storage around the washbasin. Vanity cabinets usually come with washbasins. They do not include mirrors, taps, or faucets.

This cabinet will contain the drain pipe that enters the floor. Both shelves and the cabinet’s bottom have holes. Cabinet made from BWR plywood, painted doors, hinges from Hafele.

What is in the box1 Cabinet
BrandDazzle Kitchen
Product Dimensions47D x 61W x 83H Centimeters

Dazzle Kitchen Modular Bwr Plywood Vanity Washbasin Cabinet

Modular Vanity Cabinet for Kitchen with Plywood includes a vanity cabinet that can be used in the hallway and bathroom—providing a functional and attractive solution for the area surrounding the washbasin.

The cabinet comes with a washbasin, and it does not come with a mirror or a faucet. The cabinet is made from plywood and has PVC membrane doors and Hafele hardware. It is having 30000gms of weight. 

What is in the box1 Cabinet
BrandDazzle Kitchen
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Product Dimensions45D x 61W x 450H Centimeters


I hope this guide will help you choose the best modern wash basin with cabinet for your bathroom that will enhance your bathroom’s overall look. This guide will give a basic idea of modern wash basin with cabinet prices in India. If you are not interested in purchasing a vanity types modern wash basin, I have added some best modern wash basins with cabinets that are available in India’s market.

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