5 Best King Size Bed In India In 2022

Our thoughts drift back to a golden time when my grandmother and mother read us bedtime stories, all those precious moments accumulated in a roomy king size bed that we cherish. A mattress is an ideal piece of furniture for relaxing after a long day. If you have a bed in your house, you will have a home that provides comfort.

Every moment of our day – from waking up in the morning, catching up with friends and family for chit-chats, to having a peaceful sleep or listening to bedtime stories – comes together in a panorama slide show of beds.

Since we spend most of our time lying in beds, we need to furnish them with prominent and beautiful furniture for our bedrooms to be the most valuable and necessary furniture.

King Size Bed VS Queen Size

When coupled with other hangings and adorning decorations, beds create an attractive, and several types of mattresses are appropriate for sure bedrooms. These beds complement the architecture of houses.

Therefore, you should be very selective before deciding on a bed because it will enhance the whole room’s look. Probably this has made you confused and unsure about what type of king-size bed will go with your beautiful bedroom. We all want a king-size bed that goes with any design.

In this context, a king-sized bed is already being discussed, so let’s find out what a king-size bed is. We prefer king-sized beds since they’re generally more extensive than queen-sized beds, about 16 times as wide as queen-sized beds.

Due to our obsession with affordability and reasonableness, this king-sized bed has a reasonable and affordable price. We will discuss every aspect of a king-size bed, including its dimensions, the size, storage, price, and other relevant information; we will also compare a king-size bed with a queen-size bed.

The king-size bed comes in different types of storage without storage, other covers, designs, and hefty frames to go with different homes’ architectural tastes. It will give your bedroom a fascinating impulse and add a shine that will be loved and appreciated by all family members.

It is truly amazing to imagine so many varieties of king-size beds, and having them in your bedroom would be a neat idea.

Having a hefty, sturdy, and a bit flexible bed frame is a must-have component of a king-size bed because it helps stabilize the whole structure, supports the mattress, and holds the overall dimension of the bed.

Here are the best King Size Bed In India

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Wakefit King Size Taurus Engineered Wood Platform Bed

We like the comfort and spaciousness of the Wakefit Taurus Engineered Wood Bed. Its storage space makes it the bed of your dreams because it offers you endless storage space. You won’t find a better appearance or feel anywhere else, and you won’t want to miss out on this classic piece of furniture.

Organize and access your clothes easily with this bed’s extensive storage divided into four sections. The MDF boards can be lifted to store a variety of items in different ways. Collect your belongings so that nothing becomes lost with the help of four sturdy partitions.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Optima King Size

It is made of European standard particleboard and free from harmful chemicals, which makes it a secure and durable bed. As part of the 20 tests for safety and quality, the bed has been tested over 21,000 times by putting 100kg weight on it.

A 5000-time box operation test has also been performed on the bed—a burr-free design and humidity-resistant material help extend the bed’s longevity and prevent injuries.

Type of productStorage, Standard
ColourSienna Cherry
MaterialEngineered Wood
Product Dimensions81.8L x 22.9W x 20.3H Centimeters

Torque – Jonas King Size Bed

The Torque Furniture range includes bedroom furniture sets such as beds, kids’ beds, wardrobes, and others. In any bedroom, along with the storage units, the bed is one of the essential furniture pieces, and it would help if you had it for a good night’s sleep.

A great mattress at such an affordable price! We have a massive selection of beds and cupboards with different finishes designed to suit all kinds of needs, whether the maintenance required, the durability, the space covered, the style, modern or traditional design, and storage.

Product Care InstructionsWipe with Dry Cloth
Product Dimensions193L x 36.8W x 88.9H Centimeters

Amazon Brand – Solimo Medusa Engineered Wood King Bed 

The Solimo Medusa Engineered Wood King Bed has an elegant design and curvilinear edges featuring a premium wenge finish. Your bedroom will feel luxurious and comfortable with this king-size bed.

The Solimo Medusa Engineered Wood King Bed is constructed from European standard particleboard that is stain- and humidity-resistant. The quality and safety of this bed have been tested 20+ times. Your family and small children will be safer on this mat since there are no burrs or sharp edges.

MaterialEngineered Wood
Maximum Weight Recommendation100 Kilograms
Product Dimensions79.9L x 74.2W x 31.5H Centimeters

HomeTown Bolton Engineered Wood Box

Knock-down construction is featured on the product. As a result, it can be transported easily, and the product can be assembled easily and quickly. The bed measures 2190 millimeters thick, 1915 millimeters wide, and 905 high.

There are six boxes of equal size beneath the mattress panel, and there is ample space for your surplus possessions in these six ideal boxes.

To prevent fungus growth, improve the life of the bed, and avoid moisture absorption, all panels of the mattress are laminated on both sides with PVC edge bands.

MaterialEngineered Wood
Item Weight142.5 Kilograms
Product Dimensions2.19L x 1.92W x 0.91H Meters


Getting the most desired and favorite king-size bed furniture is truly a labor of love. Beds are like hotcakes; if you don’t get your favorite one at the right time, you will regret that time. So it would help if you were very calm when buying them as there are many factors affecting them.

We have provided a basic guideline to help you decide which strategy you should consider buying your favorite one.

I hope you will find this very helpful in making your choice.
Feel free to share it as much as you can and provide us with any suggestions you have so that we can create better content in the future.

We have a great selection of king-size beds, so choose your favorite!

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